Q: When Will I Be Able To Order Glow Headphones?

Production capacity is sold out through October for our Kickstarter backers. We're taking pre-orders for May shipment. Get your pair of Glow Headphones by pre-ordering here.  

Q: What Is The Sound Quality Like For Glow?

Glow delivers a high quality sound that is perfect for your favorite music and features premium audio drivers that deliver both clear treble and deep bass.

Q: What Kind Of Control Will I Have Over The Glowing?

Through the Glow Headphones app on your Android or iPhone, you’ll get to set the brightness, as well as selecting the glow mode:

Glow to the beat of your music
Always On or Always Off
Preset glow patterns

For non-Android/iOS devices, you can also rely on the on/off switch on the controller to toggle the glowing.

Q: What Colors Are Available For Glow?

Glow is available in either red or blue. 
Green will be available in summer of 2017.  

Q: How Long Will Glow Light Up On A Single Charge?

Glow has its own battery that can be charged via a standard Micro-USB.  On a full charge, Glow shines for approx. 8 hours at the low-brightness setting. 

Battery lasts approx. 2 hours in Constant On & full brightness mode. 

Q: Does this work when you are out of battery?

Yes! Even when the battery has fully drained, you can still continue using Glow as a high quality, non-glowing pair of headphones. 

Q: Will You Ship Internationally?

Yes, we will!

Q: How do I install the Glow for Android or iPhone?

You can download it for iOS here and for Android here