My buttons don’t all work.  Is something broken?

First, Glow requires that the Glow app be connected and running in the background for all of the buttons to work. You can download the app for iOS here and Android here.  

Second, you'll want to make sure your Glow switch is set to the ON position (fully green) and not on the HOLD position (half green/half red).  Setting it in between turns off the control by design so you can keep it in your pocket without affecting your music.

Next, make sure you clean out your headphone jack of debris and lint and that the headphone is seated snugly in your headphone jack.  Any obstruction on the physical connection of Glow may interfere with some of the headphone operations on some devices.

Finally, still having connection issues? Contact us at and help us by providing more information about your device, OS, and connectivity problem so we can resolve your issue.

Why did we require the app?

Mainly that there are there are simply too many devices and specifications to solve all the issues in hardware. While we originally wanted to support Android out-of-the-box using a native hardware solution, Google released their headphone specification after we started on our design but left out reverse controls.  Much to our disappointment, we then could not support Android out-of-the-box without additional schedule delays by changing our hardware design.  We decided that the best solution is to rely on the App to support all platforms since the Glow app also contains a number of extra controls that help you enjoy Glow.

The bass seems to be weak or missing completely.  What can I do?

Glow uses premium Knowles dual balanced armatures which do not move air like dynamic drivers.  In order to achieve proper bass, balanced armatures require a very tight seal.  The better the seal, the better the bass.  It is absolutely critical that you try all three sizes of ear tips in order to get the best quality sound out of your headphones.  While you don't want to put the tips in too deep, you should expect that the tip be mostly in your ear for Glow to sound at it's best. If you did not get three sizes of in ear tips, then send us a message at so we can resolve this for you.   

I think I have a good seal.  The bass is still weak.

Glow headphones should absolutely not sound tinny or weak if properly sealed.  Glow's dual balanced armature drivers are far more faithful to the music you listen to compared to dynamic drivers, and does not dramatically exaggerate the low end for artificial bass at the expense of less responsive mids and highs. With that said, it definitely shouldn't have weak bass with a good seal.  If you have a proper seal, but still feel you have weak bass, we would recommend boosting the bass at the source through an EQ.  This way you can achieve the desired bass, but still get faithful and clear reproduction at the mid and high end that wouldn't be present in non-BA headphone drivers.

We've personally experienced Glow headphones getting better over time, but haven't scientifically tested this phenomenon.  Since some of our backers have pointed out balanced armatures don't need to be worn in as dynamic drivers, our best guess is that this is likely due to the silicon tips molding better to our ears the longer we wear them.

None of the ear tips provide a good seal.  What can I do?

While we think the three sets of sizes should account for the majority of ears, human ears are ears after all, so there may be exceptions.  Our first recommendation would be to try foam tips or triple flange tips that you can pick up online or at any retail audio store.

My battery meter shows constant recharge warning.  Is it broken?

No, your battery is fine.  The SW that detects the charge is incorrectly reading the values and reporting that the unit needs to be charged even when it is full.  The issue is addressable in SW so stay tuned for app updates and enjoy your Glow in the meantime!

I'm missing some parts, what should I do?

Be sure to check around in the box everywhere you can, as some things might have moved around.  If you’re still missing a component, the best thing to do is contact us at  While we'll do our best to respond as quickly as possible, please be advised that there may be delays in communication while we focus on fulfilling the remaining pre-orders.

I haven't received my headphones yet.  When will they arrive?

We've shipped around 85% of our orders. To be as fair as possible, the orders will be fulfilled in the order they were received.

I ordered Green, why hasn't my headphone come (even if I ordered early?)

The green unit is in the works and scheduled to be delivered once all blue and red units are fulfilled. As previously communicated in our updates and in the color survey, we've experienced some unexpected issues with the Green during manufacturing which has caused significant delays. As the team is currently focused on fulfilling all outstanding pre-orders for blue and red in the most efficient manner, we’re scheduled to kickoff production of Green for a target delivery in Q2 2016. Please contact us at or via kickstarter message for any color change requests.

The Glow doesn't light up well to the beat of some music.  Is there a problem?

While we have tuned Glow to work for a variety of music, there are some songs that don't do a good job of registering with Glow.  Over time, we will update the software to let Glow respond to more variety of song styles (especially with heavy treble beats), so expect to see software updates in the future addressing this.  

My headphones are producing excessive static noise when I move the wires

While some static might be normal when moving around the headphone jack due to interference on the audio signal, excessive noise especially when there is no movement means there is something wrong with your unit.  Please contact us at to request a replacement unit.

I've not received my goodie bag.  When will it come?

There’s been some logistical miscommunications involving the goodie bags with the freight services provider, but to prevent incurring additional delay, we first wanted to send out the headphones without the goodie bag.  If we cannot deliver the goodie bag in reasonable time, rest assured that we will be issuing refunds to those that purchased one.